Monday, March 2, 2009

What Makes You Smile? Giveaway Contest

Please enter the first ever Under The Sheets 'What Makes You Smile?' Contest. As we are all going through difficult times now, I wanted to cheer you up with a wink and a smile. Start thinking about what makes you smile so you can enter and win.

Believe it or not my nickname as a child was 'smiles'. We spent our summers at overnight camp in Ontario. Yes, I know how shocked you must be to find out my nickname, but I giggled every time I was called 'smiles' by my fellow campers. I was that kid at camp that would smile as soon as I woke up in the morning. Pillows were thrown at my bunkbed as I jumped out of bed to start the new day. I saw the good side of people, saw the glass as half full and made the most out of the day. My face would hurt at the end of the day for smiling so much. It still does.

So the lucky winners of this contest will win Crest Whitestrips samples. What do you have to do to win? All you have to do is to tell me by commenting on this post your top three things that make you smile? Three lucky winners will be chosen on March 4th, 2009 and can email me their address at to receive their fabulous prize. (Sorry only winners can be from the U.S. and Canada.)

I'll go first. Some of my top twenty things that make me smile are:

1) Puppies
2) Drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows
3) The sound of a child laughing
4) I love rubbing noses like Eskimos
5) Eating a warm bowl of penne with pink (cream and tomato) sauce
6) Any kind of dancing
7) Birthday's (mine or yours. Bring some cake and I'm happy)
8) Putting on warm socks just out of the dryer
9) Music
10) Finding and drinking the perfect glass of Pinot Grigio
11) Taking pictures
12) Finding new boutique stores
13) The smell just after it rains
14) Finding a nearby bakery that has chocolate Eclair's
15) Going home to Toronto
16) Watching horses gallop
17) Pedicures
18) Going to the Farmer's Market on a Saturday morning
19) I smile every time I ride a cable car
20) When I speak French. Oui, oui!

I hope you feel cheered up and have a wonderful day. OK, now it's your turn to tell me what makes you smile from ear to ear. All I need is three things, but I would love to read more. I will go put on my Crest Whitestrips to read your comments :)


3 Bay B Chicks said...

Hmmm...things that make me smile? You only want three? :)

1) A good night's rest
2) Solid napping from my kids
3) New shoes

How's that?

Wanted to also let you know that we finally followed up on the lovely award that you sent our way:

Thank you again for thinking of us!


pj said...

1. My daughters laugh.

2. Letting wifey know that I love her more than she knows.

3. Squirrels, I love those little guys.

Laura said...

3 Bay B Chicks: What if you could wear new shoes while sleeping or napping?

Laura said...

pj: These are all great. Squirrels eating nuts makes laugh.

jlc said...

I'm likin' number 20 the best bien sur!!!

1.) My husband
3.) My puppy / any baby animals for that matter
4.) FOOD, good food and trying new restaurants.
5.) dark chocolate
6.) the ocean/relaxing on a beach
7.)sleeping in late on the weekend
8.) Singing
10.) positive energy/good karma from people like you. :)

Am I entered now??? Haha!

Fifi Flowers said...

My kids
Cafe Creme
Dining with my mom
Golfing with my hubby
Being with true friends

Those are the first things to come to mind... but I would have to say LIFE makes me smile... I'm FOREVER smiling!

Love hearing all that makes you smile!

Bella said...

This post definitely created a smile, as did your always wonderful comments! xxx

Hmmm, what makes me smile? So many things, but for the sake of this little comment box, I'll narrow the ever-climbing list.

*Accomplishing lifelong dreams I asummed existed only while sleeping
*Falling in love
*The characters I write about
*Patterned shadows in sunlight
*Carousel rides
*Making snow angels in a cold December wind


Anonymous said...

1. Snuggling on the couch with Hubby while watching a good movie.
2. Hiking in the woods during a spring or autumn day.
3. Sitting by a campfire with good friends sharing dinner and a bottle of wine in the summer.

Those are just three of the things that make me smile! And really, that did make me feel better!!!

Harry said...

My daughter's laughter
A cat's purr
Writing something decent


Laura said...

Fifi- Tres bien Bella. I also love carousel rides. They remind me of childhood. Thank you, thank you and great entry!

Jules: So glad it helped and made you all cheery. Naming our happiness is also like realizing our gratitude.

Laura said...

Harry: :) thank you so much for stopping by.

Miss Anne said...

What a fun giveaway! I have been a whitening fool (to get ready for those wedding pictures!!!)

Things that make me smile currently:

1. knowing that in 19 days i'll marry the love of my life. ♥

2. the way i look in my wedding dress! *(145lbs less!)*

3. my dear friend donna and her sweet sweet son Rob (see previous posts on my blog)


Emily said...

Top three things that make me smile?

1- my husband Sean, makes me grin like a school girl every day.

2- my students- they crack me up without fail.

3- all you randy bloggers! I love reading about other people in other places, even though I know I'll never meet most of them!


Olivia said...


Here is my list:

1. MY BF telling me she's preger's! I've had a smile on my face all day.

2. See my friends kids always makes me smile and getting hugs from them.

3. A NEW BAG (I'm a bag whore)


Anonymous said...

My never-fail smile list.

1. crawling into bed with freshly laundered and good-smelling sheets.

2. my pets

3. when my son tells me lame jokes.

Laura said...

Emily; Students keep us young. I am so glad that they are making you laugh daily. I agree it's like we're traveling to other blogs and places wile typing :)

Olivia: Great news about your bf being pregers and making you happy. I think you are a shoe wh.... as well :)

Lisa: kids have the best and (groan) worst jokes. Thanx for your comment.

Le laquet said...

1) Children laughing, you know the real belly laugh kind of laugh.

2) The first sight of the sea on a summer's holiday

3) Seeing my family

Laura said...

Le laquet like when you see the south of spain for the first time? Thank you for your comments :)

Maggie May said...

hey! i teach preschool and have like two million CD units... i found you through Pacing the Panic Room and read though your posts :

Medicated and Motivated said...

1. My gorgeous, sweet girls (my dogs).

2. My new hair color.

3. Reading the blogs of all the wonderful bloggers I follow.

George said...

The laughter of children in a distant schoolyard of a warm spring morning.

A surprise success of those, who thought they could never do it.

Puppy love.

Thanks for the visit Laura...

Laura said...

Maggie May: Welcome and I am so glad you stopped by. Isn't teaching preschool wonderful? I interned with preschoolers when I was studying for my child development degree.

Medicated and Motivated: Oh la la what new hair color? Does you make you feel sassy or classic?

George: I love your entry about the surprise success of someone that felt that they couldn't do it. It's so much easier to tell ourselves that we can't then we can. Don't you think?

-jd said...

1. Staying up late
2. Bright Sunny Saturday Mornings
3. Riding my bike

I love your blog and I'll be back

Bon Don said...

1. My Family- My Hubby because he always makes it a point to make me laugh everyday. My Kids because they are crazy and say the funniest things. My Momma because she thinks I'm the funniest person alive!

2. My furbabies (Blue & Dingy) or anyother animals for that matter, I LOVE animals.

3. Children, I LOVE THEM TOO!

and one more for good luck... I ove reading my comments from my blog friends, they are the most awesome people!

Laura said...

jd: Welcome and I am so glad you stopped by. Do staying up late and bright Saturday mornings work together :)

Bon Don: hey you...I love comments as well. Great entry and thanx for all of your blog support.

Bon Don said...

Done!! You are now on "Bon Don's Cool Kids" aka Blogroll... and Offically my new BBF (Blogger best Friend!)

Love your bolg Doll!

I'll link your contest as well!

*Bon Don*

Mich said...

what a great contest idea!

1 - children laughing

2 - a beautiful sunrise to start the day

3 - my mom ALWAYS picking me up from the airport whenever i go anywhere. and she always comes with flowers too. i tell her its embarassing (because it is) but i love it anyways.

Laura said...

Mich: Ahhh that's so nice about your mum bringing flowers to the airport. How lovely and thoughtful. Thanx for your entry and for stopping by.

Debbie said...

1. The sound of my kids laughing
2. The happiness in my husband's voice when he says "I'm home."
3. Picking up the phone and hearing someone I love on the other end.

Laura said...

Debbie: All great things and you made smile just by entering!

Cupcakes and Cashmere said...

what a happy contest!

1. lying in bed listening to the rain (only on weekends)
2. drinking mimosas at brunch
3. baking christmas cookies

valerie said...
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valerie said...

thanks for your comment on being red! my top three things are:

1. hammocks on a spring afternoon with a glass of lemonade and a cozy pillow
2. hitting my lucky number 24 in roulette
3. babies that make old man faces

what a great contest!! have a wonderful week! xo

Petunia said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving such a kind comment.

Three things that make me smile:
1. The purr of my kitties.
2. The first flowers blooming in my garden in the Spring.
3. My best girl friends.
4. Thinking of things that make me smile!

Thank you inviting me to play!

Linda S. Socha said...

Wonderful post Laura

Thanks for inviting me to play the what makes me smile game.

Here are my thoughts
1)Always anyone of any music!
2)The looks I get and the words and the art from the children and the families I work with.
3)The music of LADYSMITH BLACK MAMBAZO...wonderful...celtic music, musicals....
4)Incredible poetry of the blogger community I know.
5)Wonderful lifelong girlfriends and their significant others.

Only three??..I have so never been good at number limits:>).Last and definitely not least ....the blog of my friend Laura...I can always come here for warmth and caring.

Underfunded Heiress said...

Love your list!

Well, I would have to say my top three are:

1) Pink daisies from the farmers market in Santa Monica

2)Lounging on Sunday morning with a cup of coffee and reading my favorite blogs!

3) meeting my girlfriends for a glass of wine

Many more but those are some of my favorites!

Laura said...

valerie: luv your creative ideas. And they all leave me with the warm and fuzzies!

Petunia: anytime and I am so glad to have cheered up your day!

Linda: you are such a sweetie. Thank you for your lovely words and great entry. Dance away:)

Underfunded Heiress: We should totally go to the Farmer's Market. I love the fresh lavender.

Anonymous said...

What a great positive spin on life right now! I needed to take a minute to think about what makes me smile. Thanks for the challenge.

What makes me smile!

1. Chillin' with my best girl friends
2. Dancing
3. Music
4. My favorite yellow sweat pants
5. My big red chair.
5. Diet Mountain Dew

I'm glad we found eachother! I'm lovin' your blog.

Laura said...

Just Playing Pretend: I am so glad you stopped by. I forgot about my favorite pair of jeans and lululemon pants. Great entries and come again :)

Laura said...
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Laura said...
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J said...

Thank you for checking out my blog. I appreciate it. :)

Here it goes.

1.) My son. He makes me smile when I feel like crying. He is the light of my day, the apple of my eye, my sunshine. When he tells me he loves me and that I am his life (he copies what I tell him.), it makes me smile with my heart.

2.) My honey. Sometimes when we are cuddling and I look into his eyes, I can't help but to crack a smile and think to myself how fortunate I am to have him in my life.

3.) My family. I love them to pieces. Enough said. :)

4.) I smile when I see an older couple who you can tell have been together for ages. It's lovely to see that. Gives me hope that one day, I too will be that old and so in love, that everyone around me can sense it.

5.) When I think at how immature I used to act towards my mother in law and how now we are the bestest of friends. We are so much a like, it's frighting. :)

6.) Surprises. Duh.

7.) Flowers. LOVE IT. I love to spontaneously receive flowers. Doesn't happen much anymore but I am hoping he makes it a habit again. :)

8.) When I accomplish a goal.

That's all I can think of. :)

Take care.


TishTash said...

The first time I rode a cable car ruined all future transportation experiences. The only way to travel, I say!