Monday, March 23, 2009

The Five Question Link Back Contest

Happy Monday to you! So my blogging friends I want to get to know you a little better. So I am reaching out to you with five questions that I hope you will answer on your blog. Isn't this a fun game of backwards Jeopardy? Can you hear the Jeopardy music playing in your head or is that just me? Post these five questions and your answers on your blog, link back to Under the Sheets-Shhh and comment back to me when your done. I promise to link to your post. 

The Five Questions Are:

1) What gets you out of bed in the morning?

2) What scares you and how often do you think about it?

3) How important is making a home to you? For example do you like a home to meditate in, cook good food or have people over?

4) Where in the world would you like to travel to next?

5) (Just for fun...) *What's your favorite Anti Aging Skin Product?

Here are my answers to my own questions :)

1) Several things get me out of bed in the morning such as my alarm clock, my phone ringing or my need to exercise. Other mornings I am excited about going to work, writing something new or a coffee meeting with a friend. But my best answer is to see what the new day will bring. (Sorry I am such a morning person.)

2) I get scared when I think about losing my loved ones. This is something that I have learned to push out of my mind when I start to think about it late at night. I have experienced deep loss so it is my fear to feel it again. C'est la vie. Without dark there can be no light.

3) Making a home is very important to me and I need it to feel comfortable and safe. I want to smile every time I put my key in the door.  The best compliment is when someone tells me that our place feels very homey.

4) Next I would like to travel to Italy.  Italy has always been a dream for me to see. I identify with their food, wine, culture, clothes, care for family and incredible beauty. When are we leaving?

5) *I use Regenerist Deep Hydrating Cream by Olay as a night cream. This cream has a light scent and after two weeks my skin is really smooth and bright. Plus you can get it at grocery stores and pharmacies. It was just featured in this month's InStyle magazine.

Ok now its your turn to enter the five question link back contest and I am looking forward to reading your answers. Go on you can do it. Get rid of the Monday blues:)


Char said...

you can find my answers on my blog! :)

Laura said...

Char: Yeah! I am off to read them. Thanx for playing.

Char said...

it is a link and clickable already

rachaelgking said...

1) Knowing that there might be new comments on my blog to read. Sad, but true.

2) Getting old/sick/frail/fat. All the freaking time.

3) Cook good food AND have people over. Huge kitchen/living room is a must, whereas our bedroom is about 9x9. All we do in there is sleep and.... anyway!

4) Spain. Or Ireland. Or Bali. Anywhere I haven't been, basically.

5) SUNSCREEN. Plain ole sunscreen.

La Belette Rouge said...

1) The promise of coffee.

2) The thought of staying in L.A. forever. Everyday.

3) Very.

4) This is something I am thinking a lot about.

5) Botox ( see todays post).

Unknown said...

Have left you my answers on my blog Laura.... Xx

Laura said...

Lilu: these are great answers. Have you tired Aveeno moistuizer that also has sunscreen in it. Thanx for your comments.

la Belette Rouge: the thought of staying in L.A. is very scary. I promise you won't. Paris here you come again.

Donna Marie: Thank you for your wonderful comments about my blog and posts.

Dionne said...

Oooh I love Italian food too, but have never been to Italy (even though my Grandparents on my Dad's side are 100% Italian!).

I don't use any anti-aging skin products, just regular moisturiser, but I think I should start. I am 28 now. When do wrinkles start kicking in? Maybe I will give yours a shot.

I will post this on my blog in one of my next posts. I will let you know when it's up.

Pseudo said...

I'll post this on Wednesday. I'm on spring break so have a little more time than usual.

I'm a morning person too.

Anonymous said...

1. I'm with lilu... comments and new posts. I am NOT a morning person. It's a struggle.

2. I'm scared I'll always be alone and never find real love. Wow - I just got deep.

3. A home is where the people I love are. The rest will just fall together for me. I want to be the kool aide mom one day like my mom was.

4. Australia. My dream.

5. I don't use any. In fact, I don't wash my face. When I do I break out. Weird right?

Mich said...

newly posted answers on my blog!

Laura said...

Hi Dionne: Sounds great/Try this product before the wrinkles kick in :) I actually see my face brighter. Love your blog.

PST: Happy Spring Break and thanx for playing.

Just Playing Pretend: Australia is a dream of mine as well. What an amazing place with such lovely people.

Laura said...

Mich: Love your answers. Thanx sweetie!

Debbie said...

I will play along! I'll let you know when it is up!

Pseudo said...

I put up the post today...

Joanie said...

I found you via Pseudo and thought I'd play along! Here's my link!

Laura said...

Debbie: Yeah I am so glad that you can play. I'll try to post a link back today or tomorrow.

PHST: Great answers:)

Joanie: Welcome!

Angela Tolsma said...

good questions... I did it today!

Le laquet said...

1) My crap body clock which is set an hour earlier than everyone else's and results in Simon saying "it's too bloody early for you to get up" more often than I'd like!
2) Loosing loved ones & I think f it too often!
3) I'd love to stay at home and "make a home" BUT I need to work and to be fair I'd miss the kids. BUT food is very important in the home making process and I do love to be standing there cooking as much as possible!!
4) I'd like to go back to South Africa and take Simon this time!
5) Oh, I'm a Liz Earle Hot Cloth and Polish kind of girl. Awesome cleanser!! I use the matching moisturiser.

My gosh - such a long comment - could have been a post ;o)

Laura said...

Namine: Wonderful answers and I will have to try your eye cream out!

Le laquet: this was just like a post and going to South Africa would be a dream come true.

Anonymous said...

There are great questions.

Laura said...

Elftea: Love, luv your answers especially your honest answer to #6. Thank you for playing.

Debbie said...

Laura, my post is up! Better late than never. Thanks again for thinking of me.

Anonymous said...

Hi Laura. I just popped over from Debbie's place. Great blog you have here! Love it.

Tricia said...

I posted on

Kathryn Magendie said...

Visiting from Suburb Sanity's blog!

I just posted yesterday about Regenerist -- that serum - it's good stuff

Also now trying one of the Pro X producs, since they're a little pricey,...

I should try the five questions tomorrow! (make note make note make note - remember to make note!)

Laura said...

Tricia: Off to read your answers and your boys and gorgeous.

Kathryn: Thank you so wonderful and I look forward to reading your answers. So glad you stopped by.

kuhkjhkh said...

Hi!! I finally did this! I'm so sorry it took so long! I'm finishing up my blog soon! check it out in a few!

Laura said...

Ruggy your answers are wonderful and I totally agree with #3. :)

Linda S. Socha said...

I hope I am not too late...I feel as if I am literally running through life at hey...a respite is ok. I will do this tomorrow morning! In the meantime...Good night and joy

Knit Purl Gurl said...

HEre are my answers:

Cathy said...

Hey just found your blog and chose to do these answers instead of the newer ones (cause I liked them better :S)
Anyway here are my answers:

Oh, and I'm going to Italy for the third time this year and LOVE it! Staying near Venice and I have to say it's probably my favourite place on this planet (so far).

Enjoy :)