Sunday, October 5, 2008

Travel Picture: The Big Apple New York, NY

I decided to buy a ticket at last minute, a couple of years ago, to see New York during Christmas and New Year's. My red eye flight on Jetblue only cost $399 from Los Angeles to JFK. Wow, times have changed! I remember arriving Christmas morning in New York, completely unprepared for the cold that hit me, as I left the warm airport and went to hail a cab. I was also wearing a purple scarf which told New Yorkers, well everybody, that I was a HUGE tourist. (Come on I was living in L.A. at the time. At least I brought a warm coat which my friend forgot!) I learned fast, that in a New York winter, wearing a color seems not be to be an option. Not to worry, I caught onto this quick and told the cabbies that I lived in Queens. I call this one, The Spider Man Times Square shot. I loved how the picture was taken from under a building. (Taken 12/2006)

If you look closely, Spider Man is about to swing through. After driving in from the airport, we went and visited Times Square. The sun was just peaking through the clouds and the snow was about to fall. Most people seemed to be at home, as it was Christmas day. So it was a great, but slower, not as touristy visit to Times Square.

Snowy playground near Little Italy New York, NY (Taken 1/1/2007)

The first day of 2007, was a very cold and peaceful start to the year. We were walking towards Little Italy, when we walked past this playground. I loved the contrast between the white snow and the colorful graffiti. I also loved how no one had walked on the snow yet. Virgin snow, that still looked like a warm blanket.

This is my Greenwich Village, Spain Restaurant Mood Shot (Taken 12/2006)

My friends that were living in New York at the time, were all out of town and migrated to the warmer weather. So the only people I knew, where my friends parent's and some dance friends still in town. I went to my friends father's restaurant in Greenwich Village for lunch. Go there if you have a chance and ask for Mr. Marques.

Next time you are going to visit New York, be sure to bring your colorful scarves, visit when no one you know is in town and remember to bring your camera, so you can see some of these shots.


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