Saturday, October 25, 2008

Our Love Story: More Then Friends After Knee Surgery and Recovery

Interracial Dating: Our relationship was turning into trust and love. I remember watching him fixing my wheelchair so my family could take me out to the park for some fresh air. My father let my future honey take the lead, let him take care of me and let him show me his care and concern. Did my father know something that I didn't? Was I falling in love? Even though we had so much against us like culture and different religions. I asked myself "Is all that really matters is that we found each other?"

My surgery was much more complicated then we had all thought and scar tissue had built up in my knee so I had to have a second surgery a couple of months after my first surgery. I was still unable to put any weight on my leg and moved around by using crutches. (I am an expert with crutches now.) When we heard about the second surgery, my future honey took some time off of work and drove down to L.A. to help. I am was so glad that he was there for me.

While I was in surgery (very minor surgery compared to my last one.) He kept my dad company, they walked around the grounds of the hospital, got to know each other and when I woke up future honey and my father was there to greet me with a huge, warm smile.

After this second surgery I had to go through major physical therapy. If my leg didn't start moving then the scar tissue would build up again. There was no way that I was going to go through this again. He was there for me (forgive the pun) every step of the way. After months of a lot of shooting pain at odd hours and a lot of support from my loved ones I started to show some improvement. Future honey was determined that before he went home to San Francisco that I would take my first steps. There was no one that I trusted more to do this with. He calmly told me that he would help me the entire time and not to be scared.

I was very scared. I had already fallen three times on crutches and the pain was mind numbing.

So, slowly, I leaned on him and gave up one crutch and held the other side of the banister railing in my father's house. Future honey, talked me into taking my first steps. This was the strangest experience of learning to walk again. I was in such good hands but so scared of more surgeries.

Slowly I did it taking small, stiff steps. I practiced for 45 minutes and was tired at the end. Before I could end and rest, my future honey told me that I had to walk without the crutches all together so I would know that I could do it.

One, two, three......

Next chapter. Interracial Dating: Chapter 3 Part 3 Light at the End of the Tunnel


Georgie B said...

I've been following this story of yours for a while now, and it sounds like a wonderful too-good-to-be-true love story.

Just wanted to let you know that there is someone out there paying attention to your nice little blog here.

Cuckoo said...

Well, you know Georgie is not the only one following your story. :)

In fact your story is so intriguing (Being an Indian myself, I can relate to it) that I have given this link to one of my good friends. I am sure he too would start enjoying it. :-)

One request:- Can you pls provide full feed to your posts ? Earlier it was there & I was enjoying reading them thru my reader.

Laura Aston said...

Hi All,
Thank you so much for your great feedback. Your comments keep me going!

Cuckoo, I changed the posts back to full feed.

Thanx for sending to your friends.

Stay tuned for more chapters....

Cuckoo said...

Thanks a lot.
I may or may not comment on each post, but rest assured, I am reading it as soon as it is up on the reader.

Keep writing. :)

Russian Women said...

great blog,keep writing.