Friday, September 26, 2008

Our Story: The Story of How We Met

If you had told me, 3 years ago, that I would be in an interracial relationship for two years, I would have never believed you. My interracial relationship turned from a friendship to dating to falling in love and now to moving forward in life together. This has been one of the most fulfilling relationships of my life. Interracial dating does come with many complications and can lead to many questions for everyone that is involved. Here is the story of my experience.

How we met? I met my honey 3 years ago. I was recruiting to form a new group, for one of the top banks in the U.S. He was one of two thousand resumes that I had looked at. He looked very promising on paper to me, but he looked very green in his experience. (He had just finished school.) What I remember very clearly, was that I was working for an Indian boss and he had wanted mostly Indian men for the positions of this new group. I couldn’t pronounce my future honey’s name. I had never seen his name, knew how to pronounce it or how to write it, until I saw it on his resume. I had to ask my Indian boss several times to help me with pronouncing his name.

Honey and my first interactions were over email. I was interested in him for one of the junior analyst positions. He and I wrote very professional emails back and forth. I just had a feeling about him being the right fit for the group. He was persistent on email, followed up with me every two weeks and I convinced the boss to interview him.

The day I met my future honey, he was wearing a suit that was way too big for him. I thought he looked like he was playing dress up in his father’s suit. He had one of the warmest and most genuine smiles I had ever seen. From the moment that I met him, I just wanted to give him a hug. Instead, I escorted him down to one of the conference rooms for his interview, got him some water and hoped for the best.

Future honey, was hired on a contract basis into the bank. ( He was hired into the bank full time and won service awards. Sorry to brag a little.) He sat in a cubicle behind me and we started talking daily and became work friends.

How did this casual work relationship become one of the most meaningful relationships of my life? If interracial friends are accepted, why can't society accept interracial dating as a norm?

Stay tuned for the Chapter 2 called Work Friends First.

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