Monday, February 16, 2009

Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head: Inspiration

My head seems to be very foggy today from all of the chocolate and fudge that I/we consumed from this past Valentine's Day weekend.

Plus over the past few days, San Francisco has been getting drenched in rain. This could be the explanation of why my head is not clear :) Yeah maybe no drought. (All we need to have is a drought on top of the crazy spike in unemployment and loss of jobs ) I can now see the sun starting to peek through the clouds so NorCal is getting a well deserved sunny break.

I have some ideas about topics that I can write to you about. But after reading Maegan's blog today she was also in need of a little inspiration. So my lovely readers let me know what you would like me to write next about.

The Ideas for Under The Sheets-Shhh Are:

1. My Favorite Stores to Shop for Your Home
2. The Hilarious Story of my Sorority Initiation
3. Chapter 2 Landlord or Slumlord
4. What It's Like to Relocate to Another Country
(Toronto to Newport Beach)
5. Questions I can Answer For You? (Curious about me?
Now is your chance to ask.)

Happy Monday to you.........


La Belette Rouge said...

I have one answer I give when anyone ever writes posts in which they ask their readers want to hear about and it may sound like a cop put but it is totally true. I want to read what you want to write most. Sorry if it doesn't help but it is what is true for me.

Laura said...

This does helps La Belette. Thank you for your feedback :)

pj said...

How bout what you did today. What you did to make today special. What you saw today that you didn't yesterday. The first time you really smiled today. Did you notice the sun peak out from behind the clouds? Did your knees not hurt? Is san fran beautiful in the am?

Debbie said...

I like funny stories so I will chose the sorority one. Maegan said...

I think you should write about them all!! But I am most interested in #4 I think. {...and thanks!}

Jahnu said...

I'm with La Belette:whatever you want to write, that's what works best...

Kyla said...

Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog!
I would love to hear about #2 and #4!!
And now I'm off to read "The story of how we met"... I'm a sucker for those!!

Linda S. Socha said...

Hello beautiful friend
Please check out the most recent post at Psyche Connections. There is a much deserved bloggers award waiting there for you!
Love your blog!

Le laquet said...

Hey look at it this way - there's a month's worth of posts right there.