Thursday, February 12, 2009

Contest: Is Valentine's Day A Made-Up Day by Hallmark?

My good friend, La Belette Rouge inspired me by her "I love my bloggers contest " to create my own. I must confess to you that I love Valentine's Day. I love it. I have never felt that it was a made-up holiday to remind people that they were in love. I just appreciate that one day out of the year is devoted to couples. It can take a lot of work to be in a relationship. So on Valentine's Day turn your cell phone off, cards should be given whether they are made or bought and some kind of alcohol consumption should be had. Phew! I feel better for getting that off of my chest. FYI if you were wondering I love Hersey's kisses.

Here are the rules for you to enter the Under the Sheets-Shhh Valentine's Day contest. Tell me by commenting on this post about your best or worst Valentine's Day. Come on you can do it. Was it when you were in fourth grade and brought Disney Valentine cards for everyone, but forgot one boy in the class? Or was it when you were single and out on the town with your single ladies. Could it have been a special Valentine's Day when you were surprised with the unexpected? The lucky winner (that will be chosen on Saturday February 14th) will get to pick a topic for me to write a post about. And I will link back to your site.

Doesn't this sound like fun?

In the spirit of being fair let me tell you about my worst Valentine's Day! I was dating this guy ('Aaron') long distance for only a couple of months when it came time for Valentine's. He was living in Los Angeles and I was in San Francisco. We were just starting to date and it wasn't serious so I wasn't sure if I should bring up getting together for V Day. One day when we were talking on the phone he asked me if I would fly to L.A. to spend V Day with him. I agreed as I had a free credit to fly on Southwest and my family lives in L.A. so I could stay with them.

Please remember that I luv love, have a very romantic heart and knew that this way too soon to fly to spend the weekend with him. Did I listen to my inner voice? No, of course not.

Aaron picked me up at the airport on Valentine's Day. While we were driving in the car he told me that he had made some dinner plans for us, but needed to stop off somewhere first. He drove us to his manager's house in the Hollywood Hills for some drinks before dinner. When we were standing at the front door he turned to me and said 'I hope you don't feel awkward as my manager is having some people over'. Once I was inside I realized that there was a girl there that he didn't want me to meet. Making this long story short, basically the two of them were talking in a corner for the rest of the evening. Aaron and I missed dinner and I called a cab, took my luggage out of his car and spent the rest of the weekend and Valentine's Day with my family.

OK now it's your can do it. Wouldn't you like me to write a post about the topic of your choice? I wish you and your loved ones a very Happy Valentine's Day. I hope you are showered in cards, love and Hersey's Kisses.


Linda S. Socha said...

Wow. Laura, that one is a great example of an awful Valentine experience!! I am thinking...Do I want to do the best or the worse??
I shall return

Janie said...

I guess that was it for the relationship? (Just teasing!)

As to the contest, you're going to make me go back aways...and remember.

pj said...

I don't have any horror stories or bests. I will let you know that wifey went away with her friend on a cruise for our first v day. We had only been dating a few months, yet I sent choc and flowers to her room on her cruise. This v day we are planning a great dinner with a great bottle of wine.

Gwen B. (aka skinny bitch) said...

In High School my boyfrien, whom I will be dating for 4 years next week, always did romantic things for Vday. One year I specifically remember when he picked me up to go to school he came to my door with a card and a stuffed animal. I thought that was it and I was still happy. Later after I got home from school I had a huge bouquet a flowers sitting at my door step that he had delivered. After that we went to diner, nothing to special there, but when we went back to his house after he had a platter of chocolate covered strawberries, that he has made himself, waiting for me. We spent the rest of the night eating them by candle light and he even gave me foot massage! He is still creative and sweet to this day. :)

Laura said...

Linda: I am looking forward to your entry. In fact I am on pins and needles.

Janie: I think it will be worth it. I hope you have a great Valentine's Day!

pj: A great dinner and some wine sounds perfect! No horror stories. Are you sure?

Gwen B: What a prince charming you have! I wonder what he will do this weekend?

Shannon said...

When I was in high school my "date" and I went out to eat - and waited 3 hours for a table. 3 hours. You want to know the worst part? It was Outback. Would I do that now? NO friggin way. My honey and I have never really gotten to spend Valentine's Day together before because we both worked in the restaurant industry (that's how we met) and if you work in the restaurant industry, good luck getting off. It's like, only one of the busiest days ever. So anyways, this will be the first year we'll get to spend it together because we no longer work in that business. So it will be nice!

Debbie said...

This is so fun. I can't think of one that sticks out in my mind. If I do, I'll come back.

Miss Anne said...

How fun!

My best Valentines... I would have to say has been the last 3 with my J. We have a tradition to go see the Vagina Monologues performed at the University here, then out for dinner and a romantic movie at home. :)

Traditions warm my heart.


Caroline said...

hmm.... Best valentines day. I have never gone out/dated anyone so my valentines day has been spent with my family. We also have a valentines party with some of my really close friends. My favorite valentines present was/is a gold locket!

was that what i was supposed to talk about!? thanks for commenting on my blog! how did you find out about it? just curious, was it attached to someone elses blog?

tanya said...

oh boy...i'm going to have to think about this one....great contest though--I love the premise!

Laura said...

Shannon: As a fellow server (I worked at three restaurants throughout college) I know how difficult it can be. I hope you have the nicest V Day dinner away from Outback :)

Debbie: come back yeah!

Miss Anne: I almost spit out my tea when I read your comment about going to see the Vagina Monologues on V Day. You're the best and great entry.

Caroline: I have you have a special V Day this year with your family. I found you and now you found me. Isn't this fun?

Tanya: ohhh I am looking forward to it. Thank you for your comment.

Holly said...

I wish I had a V-day that sticks out, but I honestly love it more for all the decorating, the candy & cookies and of course the conversation hearts leading up to the big day! I hope this year is my favorite so far since it's the third one with J and the first we aren't wasting our money on a fancy overpriced meal!

missy said...

i will have to say that this v-day will be the best/worst.....i am going out with some of my friends from high school.....girls weekend!!!!(best) so that leaves my husband that was not very nice of me!!!!(worst)
thanks for stopping by my blog!!!!!!

Braja said...

Nah, don't do Valentines Day...

Georgie B said...

I have a best/worst for Valentine's day.

My wife's birthday is the day before Valentine's.

So starting in 1988 (year after we met), I would buy something big for her birthday and small for Valentine's, and then switch it for the next year.

This year is right on course: big for the birthday (gift basket, cake and a band singing "happy birthday" to her), and something very small and personal for Valentine's.

Renee Schroeder said...

My worse V-Day Experience. I was a Junior at a private Catholic high school and felt like a rebel for dating a Senior at a near by public high school. He was just dreamy...tall and tan, longish golden hair, the best six pack I'd ever see to this day, and was a surfer. Need I go on? I was totally smitten. We had been dating for about 2 months and a few days before the big V-Day, he called to tell me he had MONO. "The kissing disease?", I asked. He said, "We'll yeah." I thought "Weird...I don't have it." I didn't think much of it though. No way he would be kissing someone other than me! Plus, I was excited for V-Day! I made him a box of comforting lovable things: my favorite stuffed animal, a surfing video, and I even recorded my voice on a tape recorder so he could listen to it (looking back on that, I have to admit that was a little weird of me). I left the box at his house and did not hear anything for a couple of days so I called him. He said those deaded words "We need to talk". He gave me my box of "love" back and said he did not deserve me. And he was right...he didn't. Anyway, at least I learn two important lessons from that:
1) When someone says they have Mono and that they can't see you for a while, they are breaking up with you
2) Recording your voice on a tape recorder is not sexy, it's scary

Happy V-day everyone!

Fancy Schmancy said...

Laura, you just reminded me of one of my most embarrassing and awkward VD's ever! Sorry, not going to share it with you, going to post about it, instead. Love you, hope you and your honey have a very happy VD, I'm going to ignore it as usual!

Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

I think you have a great story. I don't have a single one that stands out, good or bad. Guess we are not big Valentne's people.

Amy@Bitchin'WivesClub said...

I'm not much for Valentine's Day.... so this year's present is far and away the best one I've ever gotten. My husband left today WITH THE THREE CHILDREN IN TOW. HE won't be back until Saturday!!! So my gift from him is 48 hours of peace, quiet and solitude. And I couldn't be happier about it. :)))

Underfunded Heiress said...

Oh,no what a horrible vday. I don't think I could top your story -sorry ;) I will think about it for a day but so far I have nothing. All I can say is that I have NEVER had a very romantic one. My bf is not romantic even though he thinks he is ;) Also, he's the worst planner. He's so sweet but so practical. Me on the other hand, a romantic.

Cora said...

No way!! My worst Valentine's Day was with a guy named Aaron too. He was my husband. One Valentine's Day he slept in late (while I was up with the colicky baby all night) and when he finally woke up all rested up (the jerk) and realized it was Valentine's Day, he got upset and threw clothes on and ran to the buy a non-stick cookie sheet...for his friend's fiancee...and nothing (NOTHING) for me, his wife. When I cried foul all I got was attitude, apparently I was "selfish" because the fact that he had married me was sooooo special that he felt he was off the hook for the rest of his life from having to ever get me a card or a gift. The girl he bought the present for deserved it, he said, because she was having a "rough time" in her relationship - she was "questioning" things and he wanted to "show support" to her. Aww, how nice of him. Found out soon after that he was having an affair with her. Ouch, huh?

But, not to be negative here, my best valentine's day was spent with my daughter when she was four and we bought some fish and a little fish tank. She was so absolutely delighted and that made it just a completely magical moment! :-)

Rachel said...

What a great idea!!!

My favorite Valentines Day is a toss up but both very very special. The first would be when my husband proposed to me...and the 2nd would be when my little girl was born on this very special day!!!

I love the month of February!!!

DaisyChain said...

Ok, well, my Valentines day I'm writing about was both my best and my worst.
Worst because I was in hospital with a kidney infection, stuck in bed on a drip of fluid+anti biotics, surrounded by flatulent OAPS, and just, miserable.
Best because my boyfriend at the time (no longer my boyfriend) arranged for him, and all my friends to come in with flowers, balloons and cake and chocolate to cheer me up, and the nurses let them take me in to the city centre (5 mins from the hospital), minus the drips, of course, to get coffee and some decent food and spend time with the people I loved, and who loved me back.

Sara said...

My worst ever was a little while after my grandfather had passed away, I was so depressed I wouldn't go out. My boyfriend got my roses and I didn't go to take them from him.. that was back in high school.
Sad I know.

Linda S. Socha said...

I think The absolute best V-Day was when I was a child. My father was an alcoholic and spent most Holidays and weekends drunk.

Near our home town, there was a factory that made cedar chests and I had always loved them. For V-Day he brought home a lovely minature mirrored cedar chest filled with individually wrapped candy . I still have the pieces of that chest.

The unexpected can be so much more
than usual

Laura* said...

I have just found your blog! love it!