Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Our Love Story: Our First Date

For a year before we kissed we had talked a lot. A lot about our lives, a lot about what we wanted to happen in the future and about ourselves. We stopped talking that night. We paused and started kissing. Everything felt so right. Everything felt so comfortable. Was the person that I had been looking for my entire life in front of me this entire time? Where do we go from here. And then I told myself to stop thinking, enjoy and keep kissing.

The following night honey asked me out on my first date. I was so excited to see him. Things had changed between us and I felt love and butterflies inside. I got all dressed up for our date, sprayed my neck with my favorite perfume, and straightened my hair. I was finally living my own life, living in the city that made me happy and ready to move on with my Honey.

He arranged our first date night...

My doorbell rang and I was a little nervous to see him. I asked myself should I kiss him right away or give him a bear hug. As soon as I saw him all of my nerves went away and I found myself kissing him. Our lips touched and we clasped hands.

The first stop on our first date was to the Bank of America Building to the Carnelian Room for drinks. The Carnelian room has the most spectacular 360 degree view of the city. I remember wearing knee high boots and a skirt. I will always remember the boots because they hit my leg in the wrong way, right where the incision from my surgeries are on my left knee. We ordered some drinks and I noticed how nervous we both suddenly were. We were gazing into each other's eyes and there was an awkward silence.

Honey said to me, "I don't usually have nerves... I don't know what to say right now."

So I said to my Honey "Then just kiss me."

After drinks I wanted to see the holiday lights and trees in the financial district so we walked holding hands. Then we hailed a cab where Honey had made a reservation at a Greek restaurant that overlooked a park. He had thoughtfully chosen a Greek restaurant because he had remembered a picture that I had on my desk at our office of the Greek Island, Santorini. It was a place that I have never been to, but is so beautiful, with the perfect pristine blue ocean, flowers and white buildings.

After dinner we walked to the park, where I noticed that the sky was glowing from a full moon. I huddled up close to my Honey and put my hands in his pocket of his jacket to stay warm. I promise that up until this day, neither of us had believed in public displays of affection, but we kept kissing while standing in the street. We were that couple. It was a perfect first date. Tell me about your best first date?


Janie said...

That's sweet!

I love it!

Miss Anne said...


this story is so sweet! :)

thank you for sharing your special journey with us!

best date: picnic in the park... when i got engaged!

worst date: paintball.... :(

girl next blog said...

I know, Adriana Lima's too beautiful!

And your story is so sweet. You're really good at writting :)


Fifi Flowers said...

Love your first date story!
It has been years since I went on a first date... hubby and I have bee together 20 some years. Ocassionally we get out on a date alone and it is FUN!
Look forward to the next chapter!

La Belette Rouge said...

So romantic! What a beautiful story. You should take all of these stories and some photos and have a book made of your love story, it would make a lovely anniversary present for your honey.:-)

Simplicity said...

This is WONDERFUL! Thanks for sharing your story. I won't take up your entire comment space talking about my best and worst dates. I'll do a post about them and let you know when they're up! :)

pj said...

Aww, I love reading these stories. Starts my day off right.

Lauren said...

I love it!! I better be invited to the wedding:).


Georgie B said...

First dates? Hmmm.....

Worse first date was taking someone to see AC/DC in 1981 and running into a classmate who bad mouthed me in front of my date.

Best first date was a blind date set up between my wife's mother and my mother, at bingo.

Your story here is turning out to be an excellent piece of non-fiction.

Laura said...

I love your ideas about gathering our story and making a book. I always thought that I might write a book about my manic depressive upbringing. I would have a lot more fun writing this story and probably wouldn't cry as much.

Picnics in the park and AC/DC dates are classic :) Thank you to you all for your comments. I love them!

Holly said...

so sweet. i love that we will always remember our first date outfit if its a relationship that blossoms :)