Sunday, December 14, 2008

Adults Santa Letter: Have I Been Naughty or Nice?

Dear Santa It Wasn't Me: I think I was both naughty and nice this year and would like a naughty and nice present from you. After looking over my lists can you tell me if you think I was good or bad girl?

This has been a great year for me which was filled with lot's of learning, love and laughter. And with only 10 days until Christmas, I was hoping that you could let some of my indiscretions slide. I won't tell you if don't! If you agree to keep some of these secrets between us then I promise to spread your Christmas cheer by eating a lot of candy canes. Deal?

Should I start off with my naughty or nice list?

Uh I think naughty of course!

My Naughty List

1) I've had impure thoughts. Very impure.
2) I didn't eat all of my vegetables on my plate.
3) I opened wide for the dentist.
4) I told my father to get his own slippers. Twice.
5) I might have said some unkind thoughts about Sarah Palin.
6) I swore too much and I don't feel bad about it, at all.
7) I might have put a Hanukkah ornament on the Christmas tree.
8) Forgive me, but I loved the 50 foot larger then life picture of David Beckham wearing only his underwear over Macy's in Union Square.
9) I spread the holiday cheer by having too many drinks at my work holiday party.
10) Vixen is my favorite reindeer.

My Nice List

1) This year I traveled to see lots of friends and family.
2) Santa, I promise to leave you "No Pudge Fudge" under the Christmas tree.
3) I listened and was a good friend to friends' and helped with their problems.
4) I pretended to be the penny fairy and dropped pennies as I walked down the street for others to find.
5) My room usually sparkles like tinsel on a Christmas tree.
6) I helped old ladies cross the street.
7) I raised money and gave my heart and soul to the AFSP.
8) I gave up my seat on the bus to my elders even though my knee was hurting.
9) If you get trapped in my chimney I promise I will help you out.
10) I did all of my chores and even enjoyed doing them.

Santa please bring lot's of gifts to my blogging friends. You can give them my presents. (Well maybe we can talk about that offline :))

Tell me do you think I've been naughty or nice? What kind of I present do I deserve from Santa this year?


Cora said...

Hee hee hee! The David Beckham one slayed me! But, trust me, Davey in his skivvies is nice. REALLY NICE.

Marinka said...

lol about opening wide for the dentist.

Janie said...

Ditto Marinka!

Miss Anne said...

I think you deserve EVERYTHING *twinkly* that he intended you to have!

This post cracked me up!

I love the "penny fairy" one.. that's so cute!

and yes, sometimes I can swear like a sailor too! ha!

make today great my sweet friend!

Georgie B said...

You should get whatever your heart truly wants and desires.

And at the very least, a complete CD collection of your favorite music artist.

The penny fairy is good, but you should adjust for inflation. :-]

Simplicity said...

I'll send a reference letter to Santa at H0H 0H0 and tell him you have been fantabulously wonderful and have him drop off at least a bag of Ketchup Lays chips!!

Very funny indeed!

Le laquet said...

LMAO! I think you deserve both gifts :o) I of course have been completely good *wink*

pj said...

I think Santa will dropping some good stuff and the naughty stuff of as well. Some of the naughty is really good.

La Belette Rouge said...

I am sure Santa won't hold the Sarah Palin comments against you. I heard she ate one of his reindeer's and he has put her on his naughty list. ;-)
I hope Santa sees how nice you are.

Miss Musing said...

Great lists! The dentist one is too funny :)

Holly said...

#5 on your naughty list!!!! pahaha, ditto!

Lauren said...

Thanks for your sweet comment! This list made me laugh!

x x x

apathetic bliss said...


....but hasn't everyone had unkind thoughts about Sarah Palin?

And I am totally going to be the Penny Fairy it!!!