Monday, December 22, 2008

Cable Car Confessions: New Years Eve

Ding ding all aboard. "Next stop Powell Street Chinatown. Tickets please show me your tickets please." At the end of December I start to look back at my year to see what was learned and what I could have done better. This is also the time of year where we start to figure out what we will be doing for this New Year's eve. Here is my own cable car confession from last years New Years 2008 in San Francisco.

It's usually hard for people to think that the cable car is my form of public transportation. Like all public transportation the cable cars have good and bad days. On the bad days, the cars have a hard time functioning like if there is a traffic jam or a cable car ran off the tracks. It seems that whenever it really counts and there are no cabs around, I hear the ding of the bell and I am rescued by a cable car and taken through San Francisco.

We brought in 2008 with some really good friends and their cousins to a party on top of the Bank of America building which is located in the financial district. My home is only 8 blocks from the Bank of America building and it usually only takes me ten minutes to get there, but because it was New Year's it took us thirty minutes. We were all dressed up, taking pictures of each other and yes I was wearing glitter and a red New Year's hat. Weren't you?

The party was at the Carnelian Room, which has a 360 degree view of the city, and usually a stuffy restaurant, filled with tables and business men having after work cocktails. For New Year's the Carnelian Room became completely different. The room was turned into a club, a poorly run club, with too many people and questionable outfits. We had fun, watched the fireworks over the city, danced until 2am and then started to feel claustrophobic :) Well maybe I just did.

Honey and I left the party at the Bank of America building at the end of the night. We left the party thinking that it would be difficult, but not impossible to find a cab. It was actually like Mission Impossible. All cabs were already taken or the cab prices were up so high that it felt like highway robbery. While standing on the street we were approached by a Town Car that wanted $20 to take us the 8 blocks, but the cable car was right behind the Town Car calling to us. This cable car was decked out in white lights, A New Year's sign and people waving to us. I thought "There's my cable car smiling and welcoming us."

We boarded the cable car and sat down on an outside seat in the open air. This was such a nice and romantic start to a brand new year together. We waved to the cable car driver and wished him a Happy New Year. He was bundled in warm clothes, holding onto hand warmers and his cheeks were rosy. He smiled to us and then shouted to the cable car next stop Grant Street.

The cable car happily pulled up the California street cable car line while the riders talked and sang together. When it pulled up the hill I could look down on my city and start to make my New Year's resolutions and be thankful for how far I've come. I held my honey's hand tight and smiled at him. I said out loud "Thank you for a wonderful year. Here's to 2008 being the best year ever!"

I am planning to spend this New Year's low key. I wonder what will happen on this New Year's. Do you have plans yet? Are you going to be with lot's of people? What do you think 2009 will bring to you?


La Belette Rouge said...

We are spending New Years day with our puppy and champagne. That is the day we get her so there will be no going out. But that is fine by us. Westie, champagne and frozen appetizers from Trader Joes sounds like the perfect way to bring in 2009.

Hope you and your honey have a very happy holiday and all the best in 2009.xoxo

Laura said...

This sounds so nice. I am addicted to Trader Joes. I feel like I'm cooking but I'm really just heating up :) Enjoy the warm holidays with your family and the very cute and fuzzy addition to your family. Happy 2009 to you as well La Belette .

Mike K said...

wooohooo i'm finally mentioned in a post! Fri night was fun. No NYE plans yet not feeling the hot and stuffy club scene again Andy and the cousins and I are looking for something a bit more low key..

Janie said...

That sounds so lovely!

June Saville said...

Laura your cable car connections are great images. Clever concept - and entertaining. Happy festive season!
June in Oz

pj said...

i will spend NYE going to bed early. sleep is precious.


Do you know anything about premie babies? my niece was born 3 months early. books say that ADD and dyslexia are some of the issues that come along with being that premie. any thoughts?

Simplicity said...

What a lovely evening!! I can just picture it!

On New Year's Day, my daughter I will be boarding a bus to New York state to visit my sister whom I haven't seen in about 6 years. I'm SO looking forward to it!

LipSmacker said...

Ohhhh, this so remindes me of NYE's past when we would go down to Embarcadero and watch the fireworks, so fun! ;)

Debbie said...

Sounds like the perfect transportation to me. I will be with my in-laws on New Year's this year. So, anything could happen:)