Thursday, September 18, 2008

Our Laundry Story: The Case of the Blue Pen

Last night my honey came over and I offered to do a load of laundry for him. We have very different ways of approaching tasks, neither are right or wrong and each make us unique. We care and are attracted to the fact that we are opposites.

He is a self proclaimed obsessive compulsive, excel loving, finance nerd. But his anal side is selective. I call it selective analism. Let me explain. When he wants to complete a task, the task is done in a very compulsive way, takes a long time and the task is done perfectly to his liking. BUT he can have a messy room. I am a self proclaimed, free spirit, multi-tasker. I can have four tasks going all at the same time. My tasks are completed quickly but never perfectly.

He will separate the laundry and use different detergents. I will throw all of the laundry together into one load maybe removing one or two items to be hung dry.

So, honey brought over some laundry saying that he needed some shirts cleaned. I needed my sheets and some laundry done so what did I do? Throw is all together. Did I check the pockets for anything left? No. Why you may ask? I never leave anything in my pockets so why check his?

Once the laundry was dry I brought it in to be folded. And then I noticed the blue pen laying gently in between my favorite baby blue sheets and white tank top.


There was blue ink on everything in the laundry. Some things were salvageable, but can this be either our faults?


Cuckoo said...

Now I think you would have learnt a lesson. I am like your bf then. :-)

Thanks for dropping by my blog. Hope to see you more often there.

Avery Jones said...

Now I have two of you :) I am retiring form laundry duty for a little while.

Thank you for your comment cuckoo