Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Our love story: Moving Day!

Our move to Los Angeles is finished, but not without some great stories for you sweetie. Right now I’m sitting in my new family room that has a serene shady feel from the ocean breeze. Mission complete! Our move began with a goodbye party where my extended family and friends made us feel like we’ll be missed in San Francisco. Nick's Crispy Taco's hosted us with great food, red walls and full on chandeliers. That restaurant couldn't be anymore city funky.
I spent the next two days packing and preparing for our Saturday and Sunday move. Our U-haul was packed by 1:00PM and then we spent the rest of the day spackling the holes in the walls, meeting our landlord for a final walk through, handing in our cable box etc. But then the unfair thing happened! You see, it looked like the San Francisco parking attendants also didn't want us to move away. We parked our U-haul in the driveway while I was upstairs with a couple of boxes when Honey's family ran up to tell me we were getting a ticket.

You can get a ticket on a U-haul parked in a driveway I had no idea! I felt like I was in a movie.

Our moving movie continued when we drove the U-haul at 5:30AM from San Francisco to L.A. I had a blast while Honey drove. I got to play DJ, set the right temperature in the truck and encourage Honey to stay in the moment.

I could feel our chapter turning as we got closer and closer to L.A. I was excited and nervous for him to see our new home as I had found it a couple of weeks before. We pulled into our driveway and I felt peaceful.

So forgive me as I stop writing and go outside to experience more. I can’t wait to tell you about our L.A. adventure. Do you enjoy moving and is it OK that I’m still tired?


J. Is A Bird said...

Welcome to LA! I moved here 24 years ago and thought I'd only be here a few years, HA! I still can't believe I've lived here this long.


Laura said...

J. Is A Bird: Thank you so much and I feel very welcomed. 24 years...can you believe it? In a blink of an eye time marches by. Thanx for your comment sweetie!

undomestic chica said...

I despise moving. I get so overwhelmed. I have too much stuff, I never get rid of enough and I wish I could wave my magic wand and everything would be put away. I'll be moving this month/next month while 6 mo. pregnant and am not looking forward to it!

Lyssabeth's Wedding Officiants said...

We just moved, too. From the Oregon Coast to Portland. And we'd moved to the Coast only 12 months before that from Denver, CO. So, I understand both the fatigue and excitement of moving. Two big moves in two years have taught us much about simplifying and de-cluttering our lives, which definitely made the moves easier.

Do I hate moving? Only the achy part from packing and schlepping. I LOVE organizing and bonding with my new space. It feels right.

Enjoy LA!

Laura said...

undomestic chica: Oh honey...what great feedback and moving at 6 months preggers must be quite the chore. I think you should be in charge of placement of boxes and ordering food. Good luck on your move!

Laura said...

Lyssabeth's Wedding Officiant: I totally agree and congrats on your new move as well. I love getting to know my new home/space, decorating and the new surrounding areas. I seem to go on long walks once I feel my energy again from moving. New chapters all around!

Joanna said...

Welcome to LA! Enjoy the little heat wave we're having!